What is Green Hydrogen?

Green Hydrogen is generated by electrolysis using renewable electricity (from sources such as wind and solar) and water: It produces zero CO2 emissions.

Our Timeline

By 2050, the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) estimates that total demand for hydrogen worldwide will grow to 528 Mt from 87 Mt in 2020.


in 2020


by 2050

Worldwide Hydrogen Production, at a Glance

in 2021


of worldwide Hydrogen Production came from Black & Brown, Grey or Blue Hydrogen.

Black or Brown Hydrogen Generated from different types of coal.
Grey Hydrogen Created when natural gas is split into hydrogen and CO2 usually through steam methane reformation – SMR.
Blue Hydrogen Also derived from natural gas but in this case the CO2 emissions are captured to be either used in industrial processes or stored underground using carbon capture utilisation and storage – CCUS.
in 2021

< 0.1%

of worldwide Hydrogen Production came from Green Hydrogen.

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