Our Products

Based on our Smart Tank technology, to enable the safe, accessible and scalable generation and storage of green hydrogen.

Smart Tank

Our core product. Our Smart tank products are able to safely generate, store and deliver hydrogen gas. A modular approach allows for a combination of options, from a complete system with electrolyser that generates and stores (with the option to scale up by linking units together) to standalone Hydride H2 storage tank. 

They are easy to use and control via the smart phone application and connect to the IoT service for remote monitoring and management. 

Status: at demonstrator stage

Smart Web

The Smart Web system is our core IoT service application. All of our products, from our Smart Tank to our Hydrogen Detectors can connect to the Smart web IoT system. As well as providing centralised management and alerts, the Smart Web can interface with 3rd parties such as electricity providers or weather feeds. 

Status: at prototype stage

Hydrogen Detector

Safety is of paramount importance when working with hydrogen. We quickly discovered that the existing hydrogen detectors were not well suited to our needs: They were either prohibitively expensive, designed for lab environments or susceptible to interference. 

We decided to build a cost effective range of hydrogen detectors, built, as far as possible, to existing smoke alarm specification and adhering to all early stage hydrogen regulatory specs. 


  • Detect hydrogen in small quantities > 1000 ppm; as the lower flammability limit (LFL) of hydrogen is around 4% (40,000 ppm), reliably detect hydrogen at levels of less than 1% (10,000ppm)
  • Provide visual and audio alerts at levels similar to a fire alarm – typically 85dB @ 3 metres
  • Able to connect to the First Element Smart Tank
  • Can be IoT connected or completely stand alone; wireless interconnect with other detectors, WiFi and BLE connectivity, cloud IoT system can be configured to send alerts email text message etc
  • Can run on battery for 6 months
  • Uses standard USB power supply

Status: at prototype stage 

Fuel Cell

Current smaller fuel cells are too expensive. These high prices are restricting the number of possible use cases. We are designing a range of smaller fuel cells from 1KW to 10KW. Our target price is ⅓ of the price of the currently available fuel cells. 

We are working with innovative stack providers and inverter manufacturers. 

Status: at design stage

TFE Certified Programme

Our smart tank products are able to communicate with end user appliances such as Boilers, BBQs, heaters, engines, solar arrays etc. Information from these devices can be collected and displayed within the smartphone and IoT portal. 

As well as information collecting, appliances can electronically request that the smart tank shut off its gas supply thus improving overall system safety. 

LPG Gas Bottle Monitoring

Before making the switch away from LPG bottled gas to electricity or hydrogen it is important to understand your LPG usage. 

In many cases you may understand your overall usage such as x bottles per week. But in order to make informed decisions around the switching of your energy source you need to understand data such as max instantaneous consumption. 

Why? If you are looking to replace LPG heating with electric heating, how can you be sure that the supply and local wiring can cope with the new peak demand?

Our monitoring system uses the latest bluetooth4 mesh and LORA technology so that neither Sim cards nor mobile subscriptions are required.

The sensors communicate to the smart web system that provides analytics and forecasting even taking into account historical data and weather. 

Status: at development stage