Bringing Fuel In-House

Beginning with off-grid applications, currently served by LPG tanks, we want to provide a safe, green alternative to the fossil fuels being used for cooking and heating, agriculture and industry. We are also exploring ways in which we might support the grid and other uses for hydrogen.

Working Collaboratively

We believe a collaborative approach is the only way to affect meaningful change, so we’re building a network across the existing and potential Hydrogen ecosystem to achieve our mission.

Supported by and in collaboration with government and top-level academic institutions, alongside a number of supply chain and end-user stakeholders, we plan to…


Facilitate a grassroots adoption of Green Hydrogen as a clean, safe and cost-effective alternative energy source and store.


Enable consumers to contribute towards ambitious emissions reduction targets.


Democratise and decentralise energy supply and reduce reliance on non-domestic fuel suppliers.

Enabling future energy, today

Now is the time to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future: To scale up technologies and bring down costs.

What is Green Hydrogen?
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