The First Element is revolutionising the way

Green Hydrogen

is created, used and stored

We are developing a range of products based on our Smart Tank technology, to enable the safe, accessible and scalable generation and storage of green hydrogen.


From small domestic applications to larger industrial ones, we will enable businesses and consumers to make a meaningful contribution to net zero, by generating their own green hydrogen fuel on-site using only water and electricity from renewable sources.

Democratising and bringing Fuel In-House

What is Green Hydrogen?

We want to do things differently

Hydrogen is now a key component of many global governments’ net zero strategies: The focus is predominantly on large-scale industrial projects with long lead times and huge CAPEX requirements.

The First Element Group sees a different way to tackle a big problem: We want a clean hydrogen solution that is small (and scalable) but everywhere. A (green) grassroots approach if you will! We are designing and building an end-to-end hydrogen Smart Tank and integrated IOT software solution using innovative hydride storage solutions.

Our Products

Green hydrogen can be produced safely and efficiently at the point of use in almost any setting and in the quantities required, where direct use of electricity or technologies such as heat pumps is impossible.

The traditional distribution network for bottled LPG gas is complex and carbon-intensive, and an equivalent network for centrally or locally generated hydrogen proves even more so. 

The First Element’s solution brings hydrogen generation and storage safely on-site and in-house, and the distribution headaches are removed.

The smart technology will address the key concerns of safety during production, storage and use, as well as monitoring production efficiencies and the cost and availability of the renewable electricity being used.

Current Challenges

The questions surrounding green production, distribution and safe storage and use are obstacles to a more widespread adoption of hydrogen as an energy source and store.

Our Aim

To apply technology, science and innovation to these obstacles and bring fuel in-house.


Producing hydrogen at the point of
use using renewable energy sources.


Improving safety and addressing
concerns related to the use of hydrogen.


Facilitating the switch from carbon
based fuels to hydrogen.

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